Can You Actually Make Money with a Prepaid Legal Plan?

The question here is whether we can make money with a prepaid legal compensation plan? This article will examine the question posed and give you tips on how you can procure legal leads for absolutely no cost in case you wish to enroll.

It’s Pretty Similar to Health Insurance


You pay a premium and can avail reimbursement of health expenses till the period you are enrolled in the plan. Here, the plan is not for health, but for legal field. For a fixed amount to be paid every month, you can get legal consultancy and other legal services throughout the day. These are reputed service providers unlike other legal shield scam available. Services like vehicle services, trial defense services, legal shield, and tax audit can be availed under the plan. You could opt to pay a little more to avail certain other services like protection against identity theft.

The Historic Perspective


Companies in this line have been in existence for decades. Few have been publicly traded on stock exchanges like NYSE since the 70s. People might feel that this is a ponzy scheme, which is not reality. The existence for decades and listing on NYSE is a testimony of the authenticity of such plans. Taking a look at the prepaid legal compensation plan will give a better idea about what it is all about. One can start with the compensation plan when one becomes an associate. The fee now has been reduced to under $100 and there is an addition monthly fee for the legal services, which is required to earn commission. One should join a reputed provider and avoid those with prepaid legal scams.

It’s a Network Marketing Business Opportunity

The scheme basically is a kind of a network marketing business opportunity. The idea is to recruit an associate under your wing in every period. The recruit is hence supposed to hire more under himself to yield returns for himself as well as for you. You could do this under both your wings to get maximum yields from the scheme. If your recruit is able to recruit more under him then you could grow exponentially to the ranks of Sr. Associate, Manager, Director and even more. This is reality and there are true success stories in the market. Soon, you could be earning thousands of dollars monthly by recruiting more and more people into the business. Moreover, there are lots of other opportunities that may come in your way.

You Need Skilled People Not Dumb Associates!

The key here is that you just don’t need associates under your wing, but you need people who will work, people who have convincing skills to be able to successfully explain the benefits of the program to other people. Buying leads in the market and calling random people is not going to help. These are conventional techniques and do not give any competitive advantage. You need to learn professional marketing techniques used by people across the world. The first step could be to use the Internet to get free prepaid legal leads. Systems on the Internet can provide marketing training and will help you get free leads. This way, the conversion ratio will be higher and you don’t need to make cold calls with disappointment.

So, is there a potential profit in this plan? Yes, of course. The services are sound and the legal services plan is quite lucrative. Once you enroll into this plan, you can start marketing, build a big network, and start earning decent profits within no time.

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