Free Fruit Smoothie Slot Machine: Play Online for Fun

Fruit Smoothie slot is an entertaining free slot game that will give the players the feel of being in one of the Las Vegas casinos, dazzling with the neon lights. The dashing and colorful exponents of this fruitful good life colonize the game, fetching amusement and more particularly great rewards to the gamblers who enjoy the exclusively interactive slots action style characterized by the progressively more famous slot machine gambling genre.

This popular Microgaming Soft slot game features an interface that is beautiful and bright, which shines and sparkles at the same time. Designed based on the classic fruit machines, the online version of the game has several innovative options. Give it a try and get hold of the winning spirit for fun in abundant. The fruit symbols in the game are little sparkly collection, including strawberries, cherries, apples, oranges, bananas, melons, and oranges. Apart from these, there’s a logo of fruit smoothie featuring an orange and a melon complete with sunglasses and smiles.

With a betting amount in the range of £0.10 – £10.00 and £25,000 of achievable payout, this amazing fortune wheel has lots of latency for a gambler to utilize his personal skills during the play and get a good fortune by harvesting few of the fruits from a generous tree.  Each and every fruit symbols in the game appear absolutely appetizing. These are the fruits using which you will try to prepare a cocktail. However, the results of the cocktail solely depend on the player’s luck, which is the main trait of almost all casino games.

Fruit Smoothie slot is a single payline, 3-reel game that rewards free spins called Win Spins to the account of the player ranging from 1 spin for the cherries to 15 spins for the logo of the fruit smoothie. When Win Spins are enabled, the free spins can be converted into cash prizes through a 3-reel, 5-payline machine feature game.

After converting into hard cash through the slot, the awards can be significant via a multiplier sequence that can increase the bet by anything from multiplying by one time for cherries to a whopping 500 times for the watermelons. The reels at the bottom are spun in an effort to get a payout. When a payline has been activated, the gambler moves up to the leading feature screen where the pay spins will be played out.

The graphics in the game is colorful and fun with three different windows, while the sound effects are also decent enough. The fact that the game comes with bonus rounds that are lucrative urges the players to try their luck time and again. There’s no deposit required, no registration required and no download required, meaning players can just access the website and get going with the game for free.

These fruit-related puns on the bulletin board are strangely amusing in some way.

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